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Elevate your space with MooreDecor's personalized interior design services. Tailored to match your unique style and budget, our offerings ensure a design experience crafted just for you. Select from our range of packages to transform your space into a reflection of your taste, all while adhering to your financial plan. For insights into our design methodology and criteria for defining separate rooms, click the link below.


Single Room E-Design

What’s included in package:

  • Concept Design

  • 2D Floor Plan

  • Shopping List



Price: $300.00 Per Room


Advanced Single Room E-Design Package With 3D Rendering

What’s included in package:

  • Concept Design

  • 2D Floor Plan

  • 3D Rendering

  • Shopping List

Price: $450.00 Per Room


Multi-Room Deluxe Package (3 or more rooms)

What’s included in package:

  • Concept Design

  • 2D Floor Plan

  • 3D Rendering

  • Shopping List


Price: $450.00 per room with a $200.00 discount off entire order

Package Inclusion Details

The package inclusion details section lists what's included in a package or service, helping customers understand what they're paying for. It includes features, services, and bonuses.

Concept Design Template.jpeg

Concept Design

A concept design is an initial outline or proposal for a project that presents the fundamental ideas, themes, and direction. It serves as a foundation for further development, detailing the vision, goals, and key elements such as layout, color schemes, and functionality. In various fields like architecture, interior design, and product development, a concept design is crucial for visualizing the end result and guiding subsequent stages of design and production. It's essentially a roadmap that shapes and informs the detailed work to follow.


2D Floor Plan

A 2D floor plan is a scaled diagram of a room or building viewed from above. It typically includes the layout of walls, doors, windows, and sometimes furniture, providing a basic representation of the space. Used in architecture and interior design, 2D floor plans help in planning and visualizing room arrangements and circulation paths, serving as a crucial tool in the design and planning process. They are essential for understanding the spatial relationships and functionality of a property or space.


3D Rendering

A 3D rendering is a digital creation of a three-dimensional image or animation that showcases the attributes of a proposed architectural design. It transforms 2D blueprints or sketches into lifelike, photorealistic visuals, allowing designers, architects, and clients to visualize how a space or building will appear once constructed. This technology is extensively used in architecture, interior design, and real estate to demonstrate how a project will look from various angles, including textures, lighting, and spatial relationships, before any physical work begins.

Additional Add-Ons and Services


Shopping List Package

Our Shopping List Package simplifies your E-Design experience by providing a detailed list of recommended furniture, decor, and accessories, complete with clickable links for easy online purchasing. This package is perfect for someone who only wants to change a specific furniture or decor item in their home.



Starting Price: $50.00 Per Room


Room Refresh Makeover Package

This package allows us to transforms your space affordably, offering personalized suggestions for furniture rearrangement, decor additions, color scheme updates, and practical styling tips to revitalize your room's aesthetic.



Price: $150.00 Per Room


Color Palette Selection Package

Our E-Design Color Palette Selection Package crafts a personalized and cohesive color scheme for your space, including expertly curated hues, digital swatches, and detailed guidance on implementing the chosen colors seamlessly into your decor.



Price: $175.00 Per Room


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