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Our Design Process

MooreDecor’s design process is a meticulously crafted journey that transforms your space into a reflection of your unique style and preferences. It begins with a personalized approach, where understanding the client’s vision and requirements is paramount. This is achieved through an initial questionnaire, ensuring that every aspect of the client’s lifestyle and taste is considered.

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Defining Separate Spaces

Understanding Room Distinctions in Floor Plans

Determining if a room is separate from a certain space in a floor plan layout typically involves considering several factors:


Walls and Doors

The most definitive separation is physical barriers. If walls and doors enclose a space, it's usually considered a separate room.


Flooring or Ceiling Changes

Variations in floor or ceiling height, material, or design can indicate a transition between spaces, suggesting separate rooms.


Lighting and Acoustics

Different lighting setups or acoustical treatments can indicate distinct areas meant for different activities or moods.


Function and Use

Spaces designed for different purposes (e.g., sleeping vs. eating) are often considered separate rooms, even in an open floor plan.


Furniture Layout

Furniture arrangement can create visual boundaries that define separate areas or 'zones' within a larger open space.


Architectural Features

Features like columns, beams, or changes in wall depth can subtly divide spaces without fully separating them.

Each home and floor plan is unique, and the definition of a separate room can vary based on design intent and functional needs. For design and renovation purposes, considering how each space will be used and the desired flow between areas is crucial.


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