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Our Story


MooreDecor, LLC stands as a distinguished interior decorating firm, dedicated to crafting spaces that beautifully align with individual lifestyles and budgets. At the helm is Danielle Moore, a visionary whose love for interior decorating was nurtured by the encouragement of her close family and friends.

From her earliest years, Danielle was captivated by the art of transforming spaces. Her innate talent for reimagining rooms, coupled with a keen eye for organization and aesthetics, laid the foundation for her lifelong passion. With this drive, she established MooreDecor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, turning her dream into a thriving reality.

Danielle's design sensibilities are deeply rooted in modern, modern organic, and modern farmhouse aesthetics, yet her creative spirit thrives on diversity. She embraces the challenge of exploring and incorporating a spectrum of design styles, ensuring that every project is as unique and dynamic as her clients' visions.

​  Danielle's design sensibilities are deeply rooted in modern, modern organic, and modern farmhouse aesthetics.
Interior Design


At MooreDecor, our luxury interior design service is founded on the principle of accessible elegance. We are committed to crafting sophisticated and luxurious living spaces that are attainable for a wide range of clients. Our team of expert designers specializes in creating high-end interiors that encapsulate both luxury and affordability. We believe that everyone deserves a touch of luxury in their lives, and our mission is to deliver just that through personalized, innovative, and cost-effective design solutions. Our dedication to blending opulence with practicality ensures that each project we undertake is both exquisite and economically sensible, making luxury accessible to all.


Our vision at MooreDecor is to redefine the luxury interior design landscape by making it accessible to a broader audience. We aspire to be the pioneers in merging high-end design aesthetics with affordability, ensuring that luxury interiors are no longer a privilege of the few but a possibility for many. We envision a future where MooreDecor is synonymous with affordable luxury, where we break the barriers between elegance and cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to create spaces that exude opulence and sophistication, yet remain within reach of diverse budgets. In this endeavor, we are committed to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, as we continue to democratize luxury interior design.

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