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Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors for Home Use

Sifting through paint chips every day can be exhausting. Once you look at the vast selection of options at the home improvement store, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Keep reading to learn more about how to pick interior paint colors for home use.

Paint Provides Direction

Paint is something that can completely change the feeling of any room. When it comes to interior design, a home's color pallet serves as a compass to direct you in designing.

Tips for Selecting Interior Paint Colors for Home Use

There is a lot of power in selecting a good color for interior paint. Certain colors can make your home look bigger and brighter, and they can even affect the mood of others. You can use color psychology research to help guide you in selecting a paint color for your home.

Picking a Color

When you are picking the colors for a room, think about your house as a whole. You want to build out a pallet that allows your home to be cohesive. Here are some of the most popular colors in a home pallet:

  • Taupe

  • Light blue

  • Chalky gray

  • Deep red

  • Emerald green

Each of these colors directs a room in a different direction. Once you have painted a wall, you can further build out the room by introducing complementary colors in accent elements.

Taupe and light blue are great natural color pairs. These add a hint of colors to your walls without overwhelming the room. These subtle colors give your home a sophisticated and calming appeal. Darker colors may make a room appear small. However, if you choose to paint a room a chalky gray, you can help to make it feel more intimate and cozy. Because this color is also neutral, you can play around with introducing other colors to the room through accent colors. The warm darker tones of deep red and emerald green add beauty and drama to your house. These are colors are utilized in modern-looking rooms and are contrasted with modern electrical fixtures and hardware. If you utilize these colors, you can also incorporate oak wood furniture for a cohesive look.

Make It Last

From a functional perspective, paint also provides a layer of protection to reduce the wear and tear of your walls. When painting, use at least two coats of paint and always prime. This helps to make the color consistent and long-lasting.

Your Home Should Reflect You

People often feel as if their home must look a "certain way". It is important to remember that you are designing your home, not replicating a non-personable stock photo. Feel at liberty to have the color of your house reflect you and the home you have built. From the planning phase to execution, you should ask yourself, "Does this design make me happy, and is this a reflection of the home I have made?"

Get Painting Today

Once you have decided what kind of room you are trying to create, it can be a lot easier to select interior paint colors for your home. Allow your vision for your home to guide you throughout your home remodel.

Connect with us for more tips and tricks and guidance in a home redesign.

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