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Cheap and Easy DIY Outdoor Fall Decoration Ideas

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

One of the best things about fall is using the gorgeous warm colors of fallen leaves as inspiration for your home décor - both inside and out!

Whether you’re a decorating veteran or you’re transforming your home’s exterior for the first time, here are some cheap and easy fall decoration ideas you can do to get your home ready for fall.

Outdoor Fall Ideas for the Yard

The logic behind all fall outdoor decorations is built on the understanding that you can never overdo it. Use these fall decorating ideas for the yard to welcome in the vibrantly colored season.

Your front yard and backyard are two of the most versatile areas when it comes to fall décor. You can go big or small, flashy or understated!

DIY Pumpkin Tower

Fill a tomato cage with pumpkins to create a sturdy and eye-catching pumpkin display. Use pumpkins of different sizes to keep the tower looking balanced.

If you want a uniform look, stick to one color of pumpkins. Otherwise, different color pumpkins can add variation and intrigue to your display!


Nothing says “fall” like a scarecrow!

Use old clothes and a pumpkin to create your very own garden guardian as fall décor for your front yard. Fill the clothes with straw or old pillow stuffing stuffed into a waterproof bag. This ensures the stuffing doesn’t get moldy after a bit of rain.

You can make your scarecrow’s face by carving the pumpkin or painting a face on it.

Fall Garland

Use old fabric scraps in fall colors to create your very own fall garland. If you don’t have any, head to a thrift store and find an old dress or t-shirt in the colors you want to use.

Start by cutting long diamonds out of the fabric. Then, fold each diamond in half lengthways over a thin rope so that it forms a downward-facing triangle. Sew or glue the diamond shut.

Wrap your garland around the base of a tree, tree branches, lampposts, fences, or simply hang it from your gutters.

House Exterior Fall Decoration Ideas

Now that you've completed your fall décor for the yard, it’s time to decorate your house! Use these exterior décor tips to transform your home into a celebration of fall.

DIY Fall Sign

Welcome guests to your home with an eye-catching welcome sign! Take a piece of rustic wood and paint your chosen greeting down one side of it.

Just like when choosing interior paint colors, different colors will match your home’s exterior better than others. If the natural color of the wood doesn’t seem right in the space, first paint it in a color that contrasts the lettering.

Rest the sign against the wall next to your front door and surround it with dried grass, pumpkins, or any other fall décor you’ve decided to use.

Fall Leaf Tree

Tie real or fake fall leaves to a string wrapped around a tomato cage. Place a pumpkin or two at the base to keep the display looking balanced. You can use orange fairy lights if you want your décor to be visible at night, too!

Window Box

Fill a window box with pinecones, berry garlands, mini pumpkins, and florals in the flaming colors of fall. If you can’t get your hands on actual florals, fake ones will do just fine!

You can add height to your window display using dried twigs or long berry garlands.

Start Decorating For Fall Today

Which of these fall decoration ideas are you most excited to try?

Decorating for fall doesn’t need to break the bank. With some creativity, old clothes, and a couple of pumpkins, you’re sure to create the outdoor fall décor worthy of its own Pinterest board!

Now that you’ve decorated the outside of your home for fall, why not bring the fall colors indoors? Contact us today and let us bring your fall interior décor dreams into reality!

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