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Best Studio Apartment Décor Ideas to Maximize Space

Nothing compares to the feeling of coming home to your haven of a studio and zero roommates. A small space is still your own place. Though, a small space comes with a few hurdles. They include: how to store your belongings, how to maximize space, and how to design your home to meet your living needs.

Need some interior design help? Here are some decorating tips and ideas to help you turn your studio into the apartment of your dreams!

Use Temporary Room Dividers

Living in a studio apartment means that most of your space is continuous and undefined. There's no clear distinction between where your living room, kitchen, and bedroom all start and end. One of the best decorating tips and ideas for those who live in studio apartments is to use temporary room dividers. With the help of temporary room dividers, you can learn how to maximize space by divvying up the studio apartment design to create zones. When you're not using the dividers, you can put them away to open up the room. Adding room dividers is especially helpful if you are a remote worker or you work from home from time to time. They help to separate your workspace from your home sanctuary, encouraging better work-life balance.

You can also decorate your home and workspace with flowers and plants to help relieve stress from work!

Hang Up Some Mirrors

Mirrors are not just staples for Instagram influencers. Mirrors are also one of the best small home design hacks to help those living in smaller spaces. The way mirrors reflect light can make your studio apartment look bigger than it is. You should not only utilize mirrors but place them strategically. Think about it, a mirror that hangs behind a closet door does nothing for your space. It hides in the dark and only serves its purpose when you open the door. A mirror placed in the view of a light source, such as the window of the living room, can open up the room by flooding the apartment with more light.

For interior design help, check out our interior design portfolio to see how we use mirrors and windows to design a modern living space. We love to experiment and incorporate different styles to create a one-of-a-kind sanctuary.

Go Minimalistic

Going minimalistic does not mean selling and getting rid of everything you own. However, this is not a bad small home idea if you have a lot of clutter. One of the principles of minimalism is to strip all that is unnecessary and unessential so that you have better clarity of what is most important. When it comes to decorating tips and ideas for your apartment's interior design, this looks like thinking about what you want and need from your space. For example, you may want a section of your studio apartment dedicated to relaxation. This can be for meditating, practicing yoga, or reading a book. You may also want a space for you to do deep work if you work from home.

Whatever it is that you need and want from your space, design your studio apartment to reflect that. Get rid of anything else that you don't use so you can maximize your space for what matters.

Which Decorating Tips and Ideas Will You Try?

Living in a small space encourages you to learn how to maximize space. These were a few decorating tips and ideas that could help your studio apartment to look and feel bigger. Did any one of these catch your eye? Which one will you try?

Do you have a space that needs help redesigning? Let's chat so we can get started on designing your perfect home today!

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